Should you have a shopping and online store app for your business? Find out!

online store app for your business

Have you ever considered selling your products through a shopping app? This is an interesting solution for companies that already have a website and also for others that are just beginning to go digital. Mobile purchases have been growing exponentially and are an excellent way to increase your sales. 

In this post, you will see the advantages of going for an online store app and also get familiar with different options to start exploring this technology. Read on!

How does an online store app work?

Buying through an app is different than through a company website, no matter how responsive the latter is. In the app, the user logs in once, after downloading it, and their information is saved automatically. That ensures that future purchases are done seamlessly, without the customer having to input their information on each access.  

It also makes the shopping experience easier and smoother. Upon opening the app, the user can browse through categories, visit product pages and finish their purchase with a click of a button. 

These apps are certainly a trend within the retail and shopping industry. A 2019 research, conducted by SaleCycle, using data from more than 500 leading global brands, points out that 63% of traffic to retailers and 53% of sales happen via mobile. The Mobile Time and Opinion Box, indentified that 71% of Brazilian consumers prefer to shop through their mobile devices instead of laptops. Another 67% say they have completed at least one online purchase through apps or websites in the month prior to the survey. And finally, 85% of respondents that own a smartphone use it to shop periodically. 

Why is it worth it to have such an app?

With such relevant data, it is an easy conclusion: having an online store or shopping app creates positive sales results for companies - both brick and mortar and online based. 

Below, you will find a list with the main advantages of having an app for your business: 

Convenience and Accessibility

As we have mentioned before, the shopping experience through an app is more convenient for customers than through a website. By not having to search for your business online, through a web browser, and instead being able to just click on an icon on their phone, the access becomes instant. 

Also having their login and payment information safely stored ensures a smooth buying process and fewer steps to complete between selecting the product and finalizing the deal.


One of the main advantages of having an app is increased visibility for your company. Even if not accessing the app on a daily basis, the customer will see your brand every time they pick up their phone: the icon will be right on their home screen. 

The mental nudge to buy from your company will always be present. 


The app is also an effective way to communicate with your customers: it offers you the ability to send push notifications, giving you the possibility to create different sales strategies. You can offer discounts, let them know when new products are available, display items related to others previously purchased by them, etc. 

Being constantly in touch with the client makes them feel valued and close to the brand, and this is crucial to ensure they have a good customer experience. The better the experience they have with your brand the bigger are the chances of them to shop, become an advocate and refer your business to their network. 

Brand Value 

Just as you are aware that your company should be up to date with market trends, the customer is. And customers tend to value brands and businesses that invest in innovation, so having an online shopping experience that is current is another way to value your brand. 

Agility in creation 

Apps offer easy management and allow for new products to be quickly added to your inventory. Olist Shops is a great example of it: a free app that allows you to share your complete product catalog within a few minutes of downloading it. Shops’ quick and easy setup process is good for both the business and the customers: products become available at a faster rate and more efficiently. 

Online Store without additional costs 

Setting up an app is also an advantageous way to showcase your products without any additional cost. This is an interesting strategy especially for those brick and mortar stores that do not want to invest heavily in digital, but want to allow its customers to have access to their products without leaving their homes.

Integration with Facebook and other social platforms 

Shopping apps allow customers to share items to friends and family through a click of a button. That ease increases the brand awareness and its reach, creating even more traction for your business. 

There is also a possibility to integrate the app with Facebook and WhatsApp, allowing the consumer to contact the store directly in case of any questions. Nowadays, with how fast technology is moving, customers look more and more for immediate answers and customer care, and the short wait time might be a competitive advantage for your business. 

How to start selling through an app?

Now that you are confident that investing in an online store app is the way to go, you might be wondering how to start. One option is to hire a tech company to develop a specific one for you. That offers a series of advantages, such as the ability to personalize the app to your needs and liking, but on the other hand, costs are considerably higher.

Another viable option is to use Olist Shops, free of charge for any business. The app works as an online store that allows you to advertise any product or service. All it takes is a couple of clicks to download it, create an account, register your items and share the link with your client base. 

Olist Shops is an app with an intuitive interface, planned to make the shopping experience easier for the brand and the customer. It also offers a WhatsApp integration to facilitate your communication with the users. 

Download Olist Shops now and see how it can drive up your sales!
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