Hamilton Beach and Olist: a D2C partnership with increasing sales

Case Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach has over a century of history in making and selling kitchen products: a giant international reference in coffee makers, blenders, mixers and convection ovens. However, what many don’t know is that the company’s success is not only due to product quality and customer care. 

Hamilton Beach expanded internationally in 1995, and it continues to make innovative, award-winning products for consumers in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East (or APAC). Thanks to a multichannel sales strategy, Hamilton Beach has established itself as a frontrunner in the D2C (direct-to-consumer) Brazilian market. The company landed in Brazil only five years ago, and has been using Olist’s Branded Store to consolidate its presence in consumer households. 

Anderson Mariano, commercial and ecommerce manager for Hamilton Beach Brasil, explained in detail the company’s strategy to achieve its goals. Below, you will find excerpts from the interview. 

A multichannel operation in Brazil 

Adriano is responsible for suggesting the D2C approach to Hamilton Beach, back in 2017. “When I brought it up to my colleagues, they were surprised: nobody knew Brazil was already that advanced with the D2C model back then”, he explains.

It has been a success. Currently, the company has four different fronts: besides its branded store, there is a network of brand representatives, the brand’s ecommerce and the retail sales through other stores. “We have both first-party and third-party distributors, and our model focuses on partnerships with clients, which allows us to be wherever our consumer is”, Adriano notes.

The company’s headquarters are located in São Paulo, and there are two distribution centers in the country, one of them exclusively dedicated to D2C sales. On top of that, the back office operations are lean, which led them to turn to a solution that could offer the needed structure to establish Hamilton Beach as a D2C brand in the Brazilian market. In comes the Olist Branded Store. 
“Olist offers the best option for businesses that want to consolidate their products in the ecommerce sector but don’t have the needed manpower. I recommend it without any hesitation.” - Anderson Mariano, commercial and ecommerce manager for Hamilton Beach Brasil

Branded store partnership and the D2C market

The Branded Store made it possible for Hamilton Beach to have a structured, controlled and efficient D2C operation in Brazil, even with limited manpower available. Since 2019 the partnership between the company and Olist has been crucial to ensure the success of Hamilton Beach in the country. This tool is part of Olist’s enterprise model, geared towards established, large corporations: it allows for them to customize the tools to their own specific needs. 

“We were able to strengthen our D2C model through you, and that is why we can grow steadily and rapidly. Olist is a fundamental part of our business. The role you play within the market, the support we get from your commercial team and the total management control we have over the business are definitely reflected in our results”, says Mariano. 

One of the partnership’s biggest successes is the “sale carousel”, an idea by Mariano that increased sales by 300%. With a distribution strategy that places different offers in different fronts, including marketplaces, the company went from double to three digit revenue in no time.

With Black Friday just around the corner, the expectations are even higher: “I am really optimistic. What we had planned for 2020 was significantly major and we achieved it. For this year’s Black Friday, we will have an aggressive strategy as well”, Mariano explains.

Branded Store grants expertise, online presence and high performance

Hamilton Beach and Lenoxx have a strong reputation for their presence in the retail market, both in Brazil and internationally, and have understood the potential of the 3P model for makers, but they also understand this is a model that requires strategy and solid structure.

The Olist Branded Store is a strong ally for companies that want to build a direct-to-consumer operation that is both robust and personable: it offers high exposure, order fulfillment, optimized product catalog and strategic management as available services. 
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